The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SotL) is an emerging pedagogical practice that seeks to examine and emphasize the reciprocal relationship between student and teacher in post-secondary educational settings. SoTL encourages teachers to examine their own classroom practice, record their successes and failures, and ultimately share their experiences so that others may reflect on their findings and build upon teaching and learning processes. This project, funded via a grant from MRU’s Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, is oriented towards the dissemination of contemporary pedagogical research findings and the practical application of educational theories and practices related to teaching for the benefit of both teacher and student.

Recent project activity:

♦ July 2018: Olsen, Kenna L.  “Emerging Medievalisms:  Tweets, Pods, Popular, and Popularized New Medieval Media.  New  Chaucer Society.  University of Toronto.  Toronto, ON.

♦ July 2018: Olsen, Kenna L.  “’How onkynde so euer I haue ben…let me know your mynde’: Grievances Remembered, Kindnesses Manipulated, and Charities Sought – Emergence of Female Memory and Identity in Middle English Material Culture.”  Leeds International Medieval Congress.  Leeds University.  Leeds, UK.

♦ October 2017: Olsen, Kenna L. and Ada Jaarsma. “Emergence of theme and method in SoTL. International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Calgary, AB. October 2017.

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